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    Calle del Almendo, 4, 29679 Benahavís, Málaga, Spain
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The best Andalusian cuisine in Benahavis, Malaga, bears the personal stamp of a name, the restaurant La Escalera by Manolo Espada. Eating here is always a positive experience, both for the quality of the food, for the beauty of the land and for the treatment that gives you the same Manolo.

The menu of the restaurant La Escalera de Manolo Espada offers a wide variety of traditional flavors. Open your appetite with some prawns pil pil, stuffed peppers and black pudding crepe. Meat is one of their specialties: Shoulder or Lamb chops, Oxtail, and Roasted Piglet. However, it would be a sin if you did not taste the excellence of Grandma’s Sirloin.

If you hesitate to choose, letting Manolo recommend you is a good thing. In addition, the restaurant La Escalera de Manolo Espada has an ideal terrace to eat while the weather in Malaga accompanies you. You will repeat.

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