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Eco tourism or Nature tourism is one of the main appeals of Benahavís.

Benahavís is the gate to the amazing Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park, that includes a great natural reserve splashed with white towns and a dense landscape of chestnut trees and almond trees that in Autumn is coloured with copper colours.

From our mountains we can see over 100 km of the Spanish coast and a good part of the north Africa coast. 90 % of the territory of Benahavís is formed by mountain ranges and mounts to explore, like back in the day they were explored and used to hide by the 19th century bandits.

| Nature route.

| Visit to the nature.

Nature, the healthiest leisure offer

A huge leisure offer that includes routes by bike in singular spots to hiking or canyoning in our steep areas by the Guadalmina river.

To these activities we can add the enjoyment of the rivers and reservoirs, always close to the life of the town, or why not, watching the animals and vegetation of our municipality. A model of green and cultural sustainable tourism that will offer you unforgettable experiences. Horse riding, ethnographic routes, agritourism activities and, for the braver, a huge choice of outdoors and extreme sports.


Natural monument

We invite you to know Benahavís through the many routes and paths.

One of the most important areas of Benahavís is known as the Charca de las Mozas, at Las Angosturas, a pond on the bed of the Guadalmina river, whose waters form dangerous swirls.

The Junta de Andalucía (regional government) has declared it recently “Natural monument”.

The Charca de las Mozas is the starting point of the Angosturas of the Guadalmina River, and you will need to jump to the water through a natural slide of little height to start the water section.

Did you know that

El Charco de las Mozas is among the five most visited freshwater routes in Malaga.

Green tourism

At Benahavís, each season unfolds a powerful appeal that will make you fall in love and will make you want to repeat the experience.

Lush Mediterranean forests, wild animals like goats or roe deer, the flight of the eagles, vultures, or hawks… Any time of the year is good to visit us.

Benahavís knows that eco-tourism is becoming more and more popular, and to meet the growing demand it has developed a full infrastructure of services and rural accommodation, that range from luxury hotels to quaint offers like the touristic accommodation in town, where you will be able to breath the culture and lifestyle of the people of Benahavís.

| Infrastructure for green tourism