What to do | Benahavís


The Mediterranean diet is obviously on trend.

Andalucía has an overwhelming richness of basic products like vegetables, fruit, fish and virgin olive oil, that have become essential ingredients for the Andalusian cooking.

Benahavís is known as the Dining Room of Andalucía. And that´s does not surprise. This beautifil Costa del Sol town has the biggest concentration of restaurants in the region. Restaurants with sill, tradition and years history that prove that at Benahavís the word gastronomy is written with capital letters.

The gastronomic tradition of Benahavís goes back to the 70s – its gastronomic offer is second to none and incredibly varied. We will be able to taste the typical dishes of a mountain town such as meats, suckling pig, rabbit or deer, but also fish dishes like “zarzuela de pescado y marisco”, sole and other specialties.

Also, you will be able to enjoy a great offer of international cuisine that will make you feel at home. For instance, we can enjoy an amazing fondue Bourguignonne and many other international dishes.

The cuisine of Andalusia

The most typical dish in Benahavís is the “dressed pork sirloin”, together with lamb, deer, suckling pig, partridge, or rabbit.

There are not many things as pleasurable as having a stroll in Benahavís old town, where in Spring and Summer the fragrant scent of jasmine and “lady of the night” and enjoying a nice dinner in the terrace of one of the many restaurants, or going from bar to bar tasting some of the exquisite tapas with a beer or a glass of good wine. The tapas are small portions of the most tasty and typical dishes of the local cuisine that allow the visitant to enjoy a great variety of food, and also, have a second serving!

The wines from Málaga and the seal Sabor a Málaga offer us sweet traditional flavours that make the delight of anyone who tastes them. Together with the sweet and semi-sweet wines of the province, there is a great range of white, red and rosé wines of great quality from the wineries of Málaga province.


Betting on the future

Benahavís is trying to keep this culinary tradition with the Escuela de Hostelería Hispano-Árabe, that has been training professionals in the cooking sector for over 10 years professional.

It is possible to taste the creations of the students at a very affordable price (booking required). Without doubts, it is something you won´t want to miss.

Gastronomy is not just another added value of this Andalusian town – it is one of the engines that move it and one of its biggest appeals for all the lovers of the good food. Good food, exquisite service and a unique environment. An experience that you would like to enjoy every day.