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Benahavís is a paradise for nature lovers, ideal to explore it hiking while enjoying an amazing landscape that is relaxing for the mind and a gift for the senses.

From its mountains you can see over 100 kms of the Spanish coast and a great part of the north African coast.

Three rivers cross its municipality, all them rising in the Serranía de Ronda to flow into the Mediterranean Sea:

Guadalmina River (or mine´s river), with a course of 28 kms, borders the eastern part of the town. In the past it had a great strategic and defensive importance and its waters moved the flour mills.

Guadalmansa River (or river of the oil mill “almazara”), crosses the municipality from north to south on its western side.

Guadaiza River (or river of Aixa, sultan mother of Boabdil “el chico”), with a course of 22 kms on the left side of the road from Ronda to San Pedro. It passes in front of the Daidín ruins.

Benahavís´ landscape is very picturesque. From the main road, in the municipality of Estepona, you can access the Benahavís main road. Very soon the terrain goes up and you can see the foothills of the mountains.

The Guadalmina River runs through the land forming a canyon. From its riversides you can see high peaks. The road runs on the left side, and to the right and down you can see a viaduct known as “las Angosturas”, named like that because the terrain is very narrow. This is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Benahavís.

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Benahavis is a sure bet for those enthusiasts and professionals that want to play golf any time of the year.

The variety of the golf courses meets all levels and requirements. Within only a few kilometres we can find quite different courses, and so your game options are quite varied.

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Benahavís is known as the Dining room of Andalucía. And it is not surprising. This beautiful town of Costa del Sol features the biggest ratio of restaurants in the region. Historic restaurants, full of traditions and years of trading that prove that in Benahavís the word “gastronomy” is written with capital letters.

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For many people, the perfect holidays have nothing to do with spending a few days lounging on a beach sun bed. If you love sports and adventure, in Benahavís you will find a destination full of options to enjoy some fantastic days practicing all kind of activities and sports.

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A place that combines incredible views of the sea and Africa, rugged natural landscapes, winding rivers, valleys, mountains and great biodiversity. What are you waiting for to get to know Benahavis?

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