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In Benahavís, you have everything you wish for

For many people, the perfect holidays have nothing to do with spending a few days lounging on a beach sunbed. If you love sports and adventure, in Benahavís you will discover a destination full of options to enjoy a few fantastic days practicing all kind of activities and sports.

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Plenty to choose from

Although the “king” sport in Benahavís is without doubts golf due to the number of courses and their quality, there are many other sports that we can practice, individually and with family and friends. Benahavís offers to its visitors a wide range of outdoor sports, with which you will be able to enjoy its amazing nature, beautiful landscapes, its light, and its tranquillity.

The climate, infrastructures, discretion, and peace of the area have turned Benahavís in an international reference for many professional clubs from around the world when it comes to training for preseason.

In this respect, Benahavís has specialized in a 360º offer that includes excellent accommodation, some training courses perfectly fit, press rooms, massage services, wellness and Spa and a diet and gastronomic offer that are second to none.


Always in contact with nature


Andalucía has a huge horse-riding tradition and Benahavís is a clear example of this passion. If horses are your passion, or if you are new to this practice, Benahavís is the perfect place to do it. We can book a horse route for the whole family and enjoy the beautiful landscape that surrounds the town of Benahavís.

We also have at our disposal horse riding schools that also have pony club for the little ones. Without any doubt, an unforgettable experience where we will be in close contact with nature.


Canyoning is an adventure sport practiced in canyons and cliffs of a river. It can feature a truly diverse trip that we will have to overcome walking, swimming or overhanging.

Benahavís is an ideal destination for lovers of this sport. There are several companies that will organize everything and will also provide all the necessary equipment. A thrilling sport even for the novice.


Exploring new places, enjoying nature, and doing some exercise are some of the great values of hiking. An extremely healthy and fun activity that can be done by anyone, regardless of age, especially in Benahavís.

At Málaga we are proud of our Gran Senda (Great Path) of 739 km of length that goes through the province, and, of course, Benahavís has a special relevance thanks to its terrain: walking between valleys, steep gorges or paths amongst Mediterranean forests on the foot of one of the most beautiful white villages of Andalucía.

The following routes bring together all the territorial and environmental richness of Benahavís and they are a meeting point between environment, sports, and sustainable tourism.

| Hiking in Benahavis

| Sendero de las Acequias del Río Guadalmina

Sendero de las Acequias del Río Guadalmina

4,32 km
Difficulty: easy

The Sendero de las Acequias (Canal Path) offers an easy, circular route, suitable for all the family. More than 10 centuries ago, the Arabs channelled part of the waters of the Guadalmina River to use them to irrigate the orchards. Currently, such channel has been adapted for the practice of hiking.In this route, we will follow the water course, and we will go through the Cañón de las Angosturas crossing a pretty wooden bridge. We will walk by the channel on a trail totally conditioned and safe. At various places we will find picnic tables where we will be able to enjoy something to eat.


Also, along the route we will find informative panels about the plants and animal of the area. The starting point of the route it is at the Explanada de la Ermita (Chapel´s ground), 2 kms away from Benahavís. There we can find an antiques market on Sundays. It features a parking area. The route starts 400 metres from there, just before the Cañón de las Angosturas bridge.


Castillo de Montemayor

6,5 kms

Difficulty: low

This route starts right in Benahavís town and goes up to the Montemayor peak, where we will find the Montemayor Castle, a fortress from where we will be able to sight up to 100 kms of coast, including Africa coast. It is a circular route, and lineal for the round trip.
The route starts from the city centre and the last section runs on a steep path that takes us to the castle. This route is suitable for all the family, and it will make us enjoy one of the best views of west Costa del Sol and the lands that surround it. In clear days, we will be able to see the Gibraltar Straight and the African coast.


| Ruinas del Castillo de Montemayor

| Sendero de las Libélulas del Guadalmina-Cañada de Juan Miná

Sendero de las Libélulas del Guadalmina-Cañada de Juan Miná

3,5 kms

Difficulty: low

The Sendero de las Libélulas del Guadalmina is an easy, circular route, suitable for all the family. We will start right in the town centre of Benahavís, walk part of the route by the riverside of the Guadalmina river to arrive to the Azud del Guadalmina.

From there, we will go around the Guadalmina Dam to come back to the starting point through the Camino del Molino. During the route, we will see informative panels about the dragonfly’s world and about the local vegetation.


Angosturas del Río Guadalmina (Ruta acuática)

4,5 kms

Difficulty: medium

This route starts in the town centre of Benahavís, and we will follow the water path going down. First, we will arrive to Poza de las Mozas, which is quite deep. It is a great fun to jump from one of the huge rocks that surround it, 3 meters high. You can also go down to the pool on a kind of natural slide made in the rocks. To go down to some of the pools we can help ourselves with a rope that is fixed on the top part (although it is always recommended to take our own rope). We will find a narrow gorge, where the sun light almost doesn’t enter.Sometimes we will go through small pools, with almost no water, water jumps and long pools where you will have to swim. The stones are slippery, so be careful not to fall. It is a very busy area in summer, especially on weekends, so it is definitely better to do this route on a weekday.

Caution: it is important to know how to swim as many pools will cover us completely.We also need proper shoes, and it is advisable to wear a protection helmet.In some areas there are rock falls. It is better to carry dry bags for our belongings, and, as the water tends to be cold, a wet suit if you have one.