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Venta El Madroño

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    Carretera A-397, Km.26.400, 29679 Benahavís
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The road that leads to Ronda from the Costa del Sol, is one of the favorite roads for bikers, as in its curves can demonstrate and enjoy their skills.

Halfway between Ronda and San Pedro de Alcantara, there is the well-known venta El Madroño, a meeting place for bikers where they usually stop to rest and eat.

The venta is very small, but it has a large esplanade where you can enjoy watching the coming and going of large bikes while sunbathing and having a snack.

The food is typical of this type of establishment, a plate of loin, meat with tomato, chorizo, etc.

If you like motorcycles and the atmosphere generated in their environment, do not forget to visit this sale.

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